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Non-recurring factoring

Non-recurring factoring – a kind of factoring, at which the Client concedes to the factoring company accounts receivable, receives funding and in case of non-payment by the debtor, our company independently carries out collection of delay from your customers.

The product does not provide for pledges and guarantees from the client.

Product Description:

  • The factoring company assumes the risk of non-payment on the part of the Debtor. The Client is liable for the Debtor only in case of transfer of invalid receivables for financing or in case the Buyer returns the delivered goods.
  • The financing limit is established based on the available statistics of deliveries to this debtor, as well as its reliability and solvency.
  • The buyer agrees to sign the notice of assignment of the receivable and pay the supplies to the settlement account of the factoring company.
  • The cost of the product is higher than the factoring with regress, because our company has higher risks and costs for collecting payment from the debtor.
  • Postponement from 21 to 120 calendar days.
  • Your receivables are managed by our specialist, and we monitor your timely repayment - you only have to deal with the immediate development of the company.

Product advantages:

  • Non-recurring factoring will allow you to minimize the risk of non-payment by the debtors of your deliveries, because we will check the solvency of your counterparties and warn about possible risks of non-payments.
  • You can improve your financial statements, because the received cash is not reflected as borrowed.

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