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Batch factoring

Batch factoring is a type of recourse factoring for corporate clients that deliver to a large number of small business clients, including individual entrepreneurs.


  • The Client transfers more than 10 debtors to factoring service,
  • Financing limit for one debtor is from RUB 500,000 to RUB 3,000,000.
  • Grace period is 21-90 calendar days.
  • A debtor must sign notice of assignment of receivables,
  • At least 6 month of deliveries and repayments to these debtors and positive payment discipline.


  • You can either grant a deferred payment to your reliable buyers, or extend the grace period,
  • You will turn a part of your receivables into cash, which you use to develop your business,
  • You can improve your financial statements as the received cash is not shown as borrowed.
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